About Concept represents concept (Meme) of creating digital innovative image from content of different web links which are join on other web page.   Topic includes theme from lifestyle, gadget, art, history, geographic, business, science, educations etc. and all is open for comment, chat, discuss, upload own files, start new topic or own blogs.
  Goal is setup corresponding category and topic which represents information / communicate / creative web portal.   Themed threads can be updated and modified with new content which is creating by personal directions and ideas.
  Digital innovative image (Meme) can be create on any way; thru application, using other template, or with own pattern.   Also can be use any traditional methods like pencil or brush on paper which is final digitalized; and can be combined with digital template.
  Finally, digital innovative image (Meme) is create and composed from couple different pic (2, 3 or more) and described with web links and short text.   Also, represents way for construction digital innovative image which contain several element for describing term or stuff.   On that way finalized digital pic showing visualization of the desired term. concept covers themes about Digital transformation which include (but not limited to) Programming; CMS and Computer Graphics; Digital Image and Typography; Color Management; Digital file and Layout; Open source application etc.